Blue Silver DanceSport Trophy Ball 2015

On Saturday, November 15, 2015, Dance Club Blue Silver hosted an exciting day of competition at the Westway Club in Etobicoke.  Attendance was excellent and spectators enjoyed wonderful dancing and cheered for their favourite couples.  Master of Ceremonies Sandy Brittain, together with volunteers and the seven judges, including Patricia Goh (also the Chairperson), Phil Lee (also the CDS Official), Jitka Bouma, Lena Nikon, Helen Ross, Eleane Shvaitser and Richard Thibault were kept extremely busy during the entire event. 

Competitive dancing requires energy, stamina, rhythm, presentation skills, poise and floorcraft.  For those who have not attended a DanceSport competition, dancers are divided by age: for example, Juvenile I is for dancers age 9 and under, Juvenile II is for age 10 or 11 and under, and Adult is for age 19 and over; there are also four Senior groups.  Within each age group, there are five levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pre-Championship and Championship.  Overall, there are two main categories of DanceSport - Standard (waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango and Viennese waltz) and Latin (rumba, cha-cha, jive, samba and Paso Doble).  Some couples compete in more than one category, age group and level. 

While there is not enough space to mention all the winners here, among the outstanding younger competitors, Nicholas Quon and partner Kathrine Kanevsky won the Junior Silver Standard A, as well as the Junior Silver Latin A and B; Anton Lori and partner Rumi Dolmaya won the Junior Championship Standard and Latin as well as the Youth Championship Standard; and Alex Perzan and partner Liza Tikhostoud won the Junior and Youth Pre-Championship Standard.  These three couples also won events at the Ontario Closed DanceSport Championships held on January 30, 2016, as did many other competitors from the Blue Silver Trophy Ball.

During the competition, I met two couples from Cambridge, Ontario who had travelled to Toronto to watch a dance competition for the first time. They were extremely impressed by the quality of the dancing and the stamina of the judges, who spent most of the day on their feet.  Our thanks go to the team of volunteers, officials and DCBS teachers Phil Lee and Patricia Goh, who organized the schedule, prepared the program and officiated.


Leslie Hall