Usually at the end of the semester, quesions such as 'am I ready' and 'can I move up to the next level' start to emerge. We hope our thoughts below will give you some factors to consider when deciding whether you should stay in the same level or move on to the next level.


  • For each class level, dance steps and their associated techniques are usually taught over two semesters. The 2nd semester is a continuation of the first semester as it covers materials that we did not have time to cover in the first semester. So, if you have only attended 1 semester of a particular dance class level, it is advisable to stay on for a second semester in order to complete the syllabus for that level. Otherwise, one may experience significant difficulties when moving up prematurely. 
  • For intermediate class students who are thinking of moving to the Advanced Class, it is recommended to attend the Monday night Advanced 1 class for at least one semester prior to moving to the Tuesday night Advanced 2 class. Advanced 2 class students are usually comprised of students with several years of dance experience and have moved through the various levels including the Advanced 1 class. 
  • Relative difficulty of moving to next level:
    • Beginners to Intermediate Class - Big leap
    • Intermediate to Advanced 1 Class - Medium leap
    • Advanced 1 to Advanced 2 Class - Small to Medium leap
Happy dancing!

Phil (LCDTA - B & LA) and Patricia (LCDTA - B & LA)