About Us

Dance Club Blue Silver had its beginning as the German Canadian Harmonie Club on Sherbourne Street in 1956. Herbert Wickenhauser was its first President and the membership consisted of 14 people. Although the Club had its roots in Germany, in the next 49 years since its inception, it has grown to reflect the wonderful diversity of Toronto's population.

In 1982, a west end branch of DCBS was started in Mississauga at Hansa Haus. Ekko Hildebrandt and Hanno Wenzel played an important role in establishing this location. In 1986 the east-end branch of DCBS moved to Embers Banquet Hall in Scarborough's Warden & Eglinton area.

The main focus of the Club is international style dancing. Every year, the Club offers two semesters of classes starting in September and January for 15 weeks as well as a semester that starts in June for 5 weeks. The classes offered include adult dance classes, specialty dance classes and medal test classes. Adult classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Throughout the year, practice sessions are held at the east-end TPA Yorkland location on Thursday evenings. During the summer, the Hansa Haus location also offers practice sessions on Wednesday evenings.

While instruction of dancing in International Style has been the main emphasis, the club also hosts several dinner/dance parties during the year for its members at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine Day and end of year party in June.

The Club has always been an influence on the amateur dance scene in Toronto. It host it's own dance competitions, the Trophy Ball, and helps out at other dance competitions such as the DanceSport For Charities and OADA Close and Open Championships. These are considered vital in maintaining the high quality of dancing seen today.

The success of the Club is the result of the efforts of many volunteers who devote considerable time and energy to ensure its smooth operation.

For many years, Jeff Henssen has been the principal Dance Director and inspiration for the Club. Much credit also goes to Diane Kimler who greatly enhanced the club with her charm plus dancing and teaching skills for more than 25 years.

More recently the Club has acquired the teachings talents of Phil Lee and Patricia Goh, who continue the level of excellence set by Jeff at the east-end TPA Yorkland location.